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Short Hills Real Estate Agent

When you're buying or selling real estate in a specialized community such as Short Hills, New Jersey, you'll want an agent familiar with the area. Using an experienced local agent can make all the difference in the ease and even success of your real estate transaction. In Short Hills, it is essential that your real estate agent know the unique characteristics of the community.

Short Hills is one of the most exclusive towns in New Jersey. While anyone has the legal right to live there, very few people can afford to. The median household income in town is $200,000 a year. That means Short Hills is primarily populated by the well to do. High powered corporate executives, government officials and the independently wealthy are some of the more common sorts of residents you'll find here.

An Experienced Short Hills Real Estate Agent Is the Best Choice

If you're thinking of buying in Short Hills, call on the local experts at Woodward Properties, REALTORS. We have extensive experience in dealing with the Short Hills community. Over the years, we have built up a wide network of contacts in town that allow us access to information not normally available to other real estate agencies. We have the ability to show you homes that other agents may not know about. Plus, we have a feel for the community that allows us to focus on the areas of town that will appeal to you most.

Get a Short Hills real estate agent who knows the game. Call on Woodward Properties, REALTORS today. Short Hills real estate is ready for you to see, so don't delay.


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